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Women Gender Role in Human Trafficking- United Nations Report- Discussion

The UNODC, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, launched a global report on human trafficking based on data from 155 countries. This report stated an overview of trafficking patterns, legal steps taken in response, and country-specific information on reported cases of trafficking in persons, victims, and prosecutions. At the launch of the Report in New York, the Executive Director of UNODC, Antonio Maria Costa pointed that 2 out 5 countries covered by the UNODC Report had not recorded a single conviction. Costa said that “many governments are still in denial. There is even neglect when it comes to either reporting on, or prosecuting cases of human trafficking”.

According to the Report, the most common form of human trafficking (79%) is sexual exploitation. The victims of sexual exploitation are predominantly women and girls. Surprisingly, in 30% of the countries which provided information on the gender of traffickers, women make up the largest proportion of traffickers. This report nonetheless fascinating now brings a new approach to human trafficking. Women are not only persecuted but could be entrepreneurs of human trafficking. Human trafficking increases everyday although only 3 out 5 countries in the UNODC has recorded convictions for this crime.

Therefore, are women victims, prosecutors or are they simply dominant or influent enough in this industry to increase a gap in gender power, which can often be seen in third world countries automatically resulting in a more aggressive, faster and violent form of human trafficking? 

This is a discussion, please give us your thoughts on the subject. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. It is a surprising trend but we are finding more and more that women are in fact trafficking other women and children. One other thing we are finding is that many of the women traffickers are former victims themselves.

  2. Thank you for your response!
    Do you think that human trafficking is mostly a man’s world? How would you imagine women fitting in as leaders in the industry? Particularly in third world countries. Do you think because of their influence it forces men to act upon and create an even stronger and more aggressive form of human trafficking? Which could be explain somewhat why human trafficking has been increasing drastically during the last few years.

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