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What Is the Worst That Could Happen Being An Investigator? #PIMONDAY

Private investigators are often put in a situation of danger or where they cannot ask for assistance from a peer. Each Monday, with #PIMONDAY learn more about the investigative world. Anti-Predator Project will post every Monday articles related to investigation, human trafficking and APP current missing persons cases.

Each Monday, ask the Anti-Predator Project team questions on Twitter and they will tweet back within a few minutes (more information below). Today on #PIMONDAY, an Anti-Predator Project private investigator speaks about traffickers and what is the worst that could happen on the job.

What was the craziest experience you have had being a PI? An private investigator from Anti-Predator project, said: “I was working on an investigation that took me to a bar in downtown Miami where a trafficker pulled a gun on me in the parking lot after I questioned a couple of his girls. Obviously that situation got a little tense but no one got hurt and it ended with the trafficker going to jail.”

What was the toughest thing you had to do as an investigator? “There are many difficult things about being an investigator with APP but I would have to say that hands down the hardest thing to do is give families bad news.”

Do you regret anything you did on the job? “I have absolutely no regrets about becoming an investigator with APP but I do regret not being able to help more people.”

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