Anti-Predator Project

We Are Racing at Insane 5K Inflatable! Come Join Us In This Adventure #APP4JUSTICE

We are racing at Insane 5K Inflatable! It is an obstacle race taking place in Miami on December 19th. We are now recruiting volunteers to join us at the race and help us raise funds for our organization.

We just started our first fundraising campaign and we feel that Insane 5K Inflatable is a perfect way to have fun and raise funds as well as revealing our team spirit!

The event will donate $50 per volunteer of an organization. An organization should have a minimum of 10 volunteers at the race. Members of our team will be joining us and we would love to incorporate persons who believe in our mission and in our fight or who simply want to have fun racing! Are you interested? 

If you are interested you can comment on this post or go to our website and click on Volunteer.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Insane Inflatable 5K