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Strip Clubs Relationship To Human Trafficking- Discussion Please Share Your Thoughts

In recent events, three strip clubs in Baltimore were raided by the police in a case related to human trafficking. The local and federal activities were involved. Officials raided clubs on The Block, also known as Baltimore Street, at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, and it lasted well into Friday morning, an FBI representative said. Police brought search warrants as they entered Club Chez, Joey, Diamond Lounge and Lust.

Officials would not say what exactly led them to conduct the raids, what evidence they found or if any arrests were made. They would only say the investigation is ongoing.

What do you think led the police to these arrests? How much can the police actually do in a human trafficking case? Could we assume that a lot of strip clubs around the U.S are also involved in human trafficking? Is there a line between sex trade and prostitution? What is your vision of strip clubs and how do they relate to human trafficking? 

This is a discussion, please share your thoughts and comments on the subject. 

We look forward to discussing this with you.


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  1. This is sad to read it could be possible they were using underage people in strip clubs , they could have easily gotten a phone call related to someone who looked like a person that had been missing and investigated it , or they could have had possible other leads either way I’m glad the police were able to help!