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Our investigators respond to questions live from the public on #PIMONDAY, read their answers.

Tonight on #PIMONDAY, read the answers from APP private investigators on questions from the public. Have you ever had an issue and wondered what would investigators do?  Below are what others thought of asking. Ask your own questions this evening on Twitter @AntiPredatorOrg

1) At which stage of your investigation do you take the case to the police ?

 In many cases we are already working in conjunction with law enforcement in some capacity and we give them daily, weekly, or monthly updates depending on the circumstances. In the cases we are not working with law enforcement we go to them in the event we are able to locate a trafficked individual being held against their will that would require law enforcement intervention or any evidence of criminal activity that could be prosecuted.

2) How many investigators does it take to solve a human trafficking case?

There is not set number of investigators required to work or close a missing person or trafficking case. Depending on the circumstances of the case we many need one or an entire team of investigators.

3) Do you ever have to stop an investigation for lack of information ?

We never stop working case simply because information dries up. A case may go cold for a while but we continue to work on it and gather any information we can. A case only closes with APP when someone is recovered or arrested and prosecuted.

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