Anti-Predator Project

Our First Fundraising Campaign !

We started #APP4JUSTICE campaign in order to raise funds to locate Jessica Garino and Natanalie Perez. The mission of this campaign is simple just create your video and talk about a friend or someone you know who was the victim of human trafficking and share it #APP4JUSTICE.

Our organization started three years ago and our investigators have already been dedicating over 440 hours by case part-time. We are now seeking funds from individuals and companies in order to continue our services free of charge and hire a larger team.

Anti-Predator Project has been working for the community on private funding mostly from our board directors and is in need of full-time staff to effectively fight human trafficking.

Thank you for reading us and sharing our videos!

We are in the process of redoing our website but the donations can still be found on the main page visit

Watch our pitch video