Anti-Predator Project

Anti Predator Project Names Dr. Santarvis Brown Philanthropy and Social Media Officer


MIAMI, FL; April 24, 2015- Anti-Predator Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combat human trafficking and sexual predators in the United States through the use of specially trained private investigators.

Ms. Lizz Schrunk, co-founder of Anti Predator Project and her husband have been providing investigative and protective services for the victims of these horrific crimes. They are dedicated to educate the community about the reality of human trafficking in the United States and will expand their efforts nationally along with a new fundraising and communication team.

‘The expansion of our philanthropic team further strengthens our ability to meet the needs of our victims,’ said Ms. Lizz Schrunk. ‘Mr. Santarvis Brown comprehensive understanding of the philanthropic world and marketing will greatly benefit Anti Predator Project and our investigation network.’

Before joining Anti Predator Project, Mr. Santarvis Brown served on the faculty at Miami Dade College Medical Campus and the Project Director for the Communities of Interest. He also chaired the Youth Initiative Committee of the Miami Dade Community Action Agency in addition to serving various other boards. 

Mr. Santarvis Brown has a bachelor in religion and in philosophy with a minor in public administration, a master in management and leadership and a doctorate.