Anti-Predator Project

Anti-Predator Project Established A Successful First Fundraising Campaign

MIAMI, F.L., August 2015- Anti-Predator Project launched its first fundraising campaign on July 2015 and expanded to clothing products. The campaign aims to raise funds to solve current missing persons cases such as Jessica Garino and continue all investigative services free of charge.

The first clothing product focused on Jessica Garino and featured a basic wear t-shirt. The main purpose was to spread the word on Jessica’s missing case and to get tips on her whereabouts. The Jessica Garino T-Shirt campaign was set for three weeks and ended on Monday, 9 2015.

The campaign was a success and over half of the t-shirts available for purchase were sold within the first half of the campaign. The success of the campaign can also be measured by the number of people involved online and on social media.

Lizz Schrunk, co-founder of Anti-Predator Project, said “we consider the campaign to be a high success particularly with social media. We reached up to 5000 post clicks and over 400 shares on a few posts on our blog and on Facebook. This is the first campaign for Anti-Predator Project and we have set the bar high.”

On August 2015, Anti-Predator Project is launching a new fundraiser with a jewelry company. This jewelry campaign will also serve to raise funds to pursue investigative services free of charge. The details regarding this campaign will be released this month.

Anti-Predator Project is the first non-profit private investigation agency in the United States and the only to address the issue of human trafficking. The organization is located in Miami, Florida but has taken cases all over the Unites States in the last 3 years.

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