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A Q&A With Private Investigators Discussing Human Trafficking Cases #PIMONDAY

1- Have you ever sent other investigators on an assignment because you did not want to go or for personal reasons? Why?
I have asked other investigators to cover assigments when I have been unable to or because there is a professional conflict of interest.
2- Is there any type of assignment that you do not see yourself doing related to human trafficking cases?
At this point I have worked almost every conceivable type of human case there is. I don believe that there is any type of assignment that I would not take.
3- Human trafficking can be a violent line of work but which traffickers are the most difficult to deal with as an investigator?
Human trafficking is a horrific crime and every case and trafficker is horrible in their own right. However, the traffickers that tend to deal in young children are the toughest for me personally to deal with.
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