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5 Main Traits That Traffickers Look For In A Woman & A Child

What do human traffickers look for when choosing a woman or a child? What are the main traits they will target? 

Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry worldwide. The rules for women and children have drastically changed; it is time to be more cautious than ever.

Our private investigators have combined 5 main characteristics that traffickers look for.

Read this article and be aware!

1) Vulnerability 

Children that come from broken homes that have been abandoned, abused, and neglected. This is why foster children are at the highest risk of becoming trafficking victims.

2) The forgotten

Traffickers are true predators and often choose victims that society has forgotten about and will not notice if they go missing. This group once again often includes foster children along with runaway children and young adults that have become drifters.

3) No supervision

Parents get busy with their everyday lives and leave their children to their own devices. This sometimes leads to children hanging around in places they shouldn’t or meeting people online that they shouldn’t be talking to.

4) Substance Abuse

In adults they also look for vulnerabilities such as substance abuse.

5) Money Makers

There are some highly organized trafficking rings that specialize in very disturbing black market child pornography, child prostitution, etc. In this dark and disturbing world looks, race, sex, and age do matter. For the right price they will take a child or young adult via forceful abduction. We have found that blond haired blue eyed girls under 12 years old have sold for as much as $300,000 on the black market.

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