Natanalie Perez Investigation

A letter from her parents...

A Letter From Natanalie Perez’s Parents to Anti-Predator Project- Natanalie Is Still Missing and APP Investigators Are Working On Her Case To Find Answers

Dear Anti-Predator Project,

“ I wanted to personally and in the behalf of my family say thank you. As of June 1st it has been 3 years my niece/daughter has been missing. Natanalie Marie Perez our family jewel has been taken from us… Yet, you and your team have brought us hope. The Anti-Predator Project team has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure justice is done in Naty’s case. You all have dedicated many hours, energy and for that we will be forever grateful. “

“ It is so encouraging to know that there is someone out there that cares and understands somewhat our pain and devastation. You are always available and always seem to find encouraging and meaningful words that keep our hope alive. “

“ You have promised not to give up on this case and we are witnesses of your hard work and determination to find answers… You and your team have become angels sent from God to fight and stand against this horrific crime called human trafficking.

Anti-Predator Project is seeking any information anyone may have regarding the disappearance of Natanalie Perez. Please help Natanalie’s family get some answers. If you have any information that could help please contact the Anti-Predator Project 24 hour line at 305-609-1918 or leave us an email at


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