Florida to post signs to fight human trafficking

A new law in Florida went into effect to stop human trafficking

Florida To Post Signs To Fight Human Trafficking

A New Law In Florida To Fight Human Trafficking


signs in Florida against human trafficking

On New Year’s day a new law went into effect in Florida aiming to fight human trafficking.

The law requires to post signs that describe what to look for and a toll free number (888-373-7888) to report suspicious acts and behavior, which may be related to human trafficking.

The signs provide help for victims or potential victims of human trafficking and raise awareness on the issue.


Where Are The Signs Displayed  ?

Florida is ranked third in the nation to report human trafficking and Miami is the 2nd city for trafficking in the U.S. Therefore, the signs will be displayed in places that are commonly known for being a stomping ground for traffickers and their victims.

They include massage parlors, strip clubs, train stations, airports, and just about every turnpike plaza, roadside rest area, and trucking weigh station.

The signs will be made in English and Spanish languages and are at least 8.5 inches by 11 inches.


How Can The Signs Stop Human Trafficking?

10News reported that at Tampa’s Mons Venus, one of the Bay area’s most famous adult entertainment clubs, similar signs are already in place.

“I think that everybody should be cognizant of it,” said Mons Venus owner Joe Redner.  “It is our duty as human beings to look out for our fellow human beings when they are being taken advantage of.”

The Florida Department of Transportation, which is manufacturing state’s official signage in both English and Spanish, has already printed up more than 200 of them to be installed   in coming days.

State Sen.  Jack Latvala, R-District 21, who was one of the laws chief sponsors, encourages those who suspect something may be wrong to say something.

“They can report things, their suspicions, in a confidential manner – and then the authorities can sort it out,” said Latvala.

Dotti Groover-Skipper, an anti-trafficking activist, says if the new signs, save even one life — it will have been worth it.

“You know, if you choose not to call it could be the end of someone’s life,” said Groover-Skipper.

Source “Signs fighting human trafficking become law New Year’s day “.

Although, even with the law in place it is left to the counties to apply it and some are still looking for the right agency to enforce it.

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