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What investigators have to say on #PIMONDAY ?

#PIMONDAY is here ! Read the answers from our investigators on questions from the public and tweet your own this evening @AntiPredatorOrg

1. What are the most important criteria a PI should have? 

Any investigator whether law enforcment or in the private sector should have the abilty to think outside the box and problem solve. Investigators should have an eye for detail and be able to keep very good records. An APP investigator must be particularly well versed in thinking outside the box as many of our cases are cold and have been looked at by several other investigators previously. Often times our investigators are tasked with filling in the blanks that no one else was previously able to.

2. Why do some investigators choose to work undercover and others do not?

Working undercover in any capacity requires a unique set of skills. One must be able to play a role much like an actor in a movie but also maintain investigative integrity. Some investigators simply do not have the skill set to be a successful undercover operative. The main reason that investigators choose not to work in an undercover capacity at APP is simply because it is very dangerous. Whether you are working undercover with a law enforcement agency or with a private agency and dealing with serious crimes such as drug trafficking and human trafficking there is a danger element that is very real. Our undercover operatives deal with very dangerous and violent criminals that would have no problem inflicting serious violence and/or death on them, their families, or even their close friends if their cover was ever comprimised. This is a risk that some of our operatives feel is too high and I don’t think anyone would ever blame them for that. However; we also have investigators that do voluntarily take those risks every day. The threat of harm to them and their families is very real but they do it because they believe in our mission at APP.

3. How does a PI choose his/her area of work whether its missing persons, crime or others?

Often times PI’s choose their work based on a combination of investigations that they find interesting and what allows them them to provide the best living possible for their families. Some investigtors really enjoy doing surveillance work so they get involved in workmans comp caes, insurance cases, or child custody cases that often times requre a significant amount of surveillance work. It really depends on what a particular investigators finds interesting.  The PI’s at APP have chosen to become involved in what we do simply because they believe in our mission and that passion our investigators have for what we do is what makes us successful.

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