Anti-Predator Project

Investigators talk about their first mission on the job #PIMONDAY

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1- What was your first case as an investigator for APP?
The Natanalie Perez case was my first assignment with APP and I actually continue to work on that case to this day.
2- How did you prepare for it?
There really is not anything you can do to prepare for the type of work we do other than be ready and be organized. Everythign we do is so unique that it is near impossible to prepare in advance.
3 – Did you work that case with someone or have you been working it alone?
Every case that comes into APP is worked by the entire team. Since we all have other jobs and our time is limited working as a team allows us to get things done without overworking one person.
5- Do you ever nervous on the job?
The only time I get nervous while working with APP is when I have to give families bad news as I am never sure how it will be accepted. It’s a part of the job that I wish I never had to do.
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