Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Help us raise awareness to stop human trafficking on January

Human Trafficking Awareness Month!

It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Month!



This month, please show your support to our cause and help us raise awareness on what has become the second leading industry worldwide.


Human trafficking has been growing extremely fast each year. This issue is very present in the U.S and particularly in Florida where Miami has been ranked the second city for trafficking in America.

We need your help to stop human trafficking!


The International Labor Organization, estimates that globally, human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide and there are 20.9 million victims. 

• 68 percent of victims are trapped in forced labor.

• 26 percent of victims are children, average age is 13.

• 55 percent are women and girls.

Click here to view “Letter: Human Trafficking Is A Global Issue”.


To be involved or simply show your support to our cause please visit our website and contact us.

Thank you everyone!