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APP Private Investigators Answer Questions From The Public Tonight on #PIMONDAY

1- We have all watched TV shows on ID or other channels related to investigations, crime and law enforcement of some kind. What would you say about these shows? Do they relate at all in the way investigators solve a case?

Having watched several different reality shows on Discovery ID, I would say that they do a much better job of portraying how an investigation is run than the network television shows. On the reality shows they often display facts of the case and accurate timelines for the closure of a case. Whereas network television often makes investigations look like they can be closed in an hour with the use of imaginary computer databases that do not exist and access to information that no one including law enforcement would be able to get without a court order.

2- Please elaborate on 4 elements that could potentially differentiate these TV shows from real life investigations.

As stated in the previous question I feel that reality shows do a good job of portraying how things accurately play out during an investigation. They often include taped statements from law enforcement investigators and private investigators  who have worked on these cases and have nothing to gain by giving false statements as their credibility would be destroyed. Also as previously stated, network television shows often give a very inaccurate portrayal of how investigations are worked and how quickly they are closed. For example, the very popular crime drama Criminal Minds often features the elite team of criminal profilers from the FBI contacting their crack technical analyst Penelope Garcia who is able to magically get them information about suspects. This information is often key in closing these investigations but in reality this information is often information that would be completely unobtainable without a court order. This gives the illusion that investigators have access to information that in reality they often do not. These shows often give the illusion that very complex investigations can be closed in a very short amount of time when this is not the case. While network television is very entertaining, it simply does not accurately portray how investigations are worked or closed.

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