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APP Private Investigators Answer Questions From The Public On Investigations, Weapon Training and Solving a Case On #PIMONDAY

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1- As an investigator, you wear a weapon correct? Why type of training do investigators receive that enables them to carry a weapon on the job? 
That is correct, every investigator at APP carries a weapon while working in the field. Not all private investigators carry weapons while they work but given the types of cases we work and people we deal with while out in the field we feel that it is necessary. All investigators at APP are licensed in their respective states to carry firearms legally and in order to do so they must provide proof of training and or qualifications. While we do not provide in house training for our investigators at APP; our investigators come from backgrounds such as law enforcement and military where they have recieved prior training.
2- Why do APP investigators choose to work for APP instead of law enforcement? What is the difference between working for APP vs law enforcement?
While many of our investigators are prior law enforcement that got out of the field for various reasons such as retirement, starting their own business, or just simply wanting to do something else we also have investigators that have never been law enforcement. In my case, I chose to get involved with APP instead of law enforcment because I believe in our mission here. While I greatly respect the work that police officers do every day in this country I felt my calling was to be here at APP. I believe that no matter what kind of job you have, it needs to be something your passionate about whether it’s sales, civil service, or owning your own business. Remember what you do every day is important as you are trading a day of your life for it.
There are obviously several differences between working for a law enforcement agency vs a private agency like APP. Obviously we do not have law enforcement powers which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It’s a bad thing simply because it often means that we have to jump through extra hoops to get some information because we do not have the powers to obtain search warrants or subpoenas and yes it is very frustraing that we cannot make arrests. On the other side of that not being law enforcement also works to our advantage in some situations. For example, there are poeple on the streets that will talk to us and give us information that they would never give law enforcment. We also have a whole lot less red tape to cut through in emergency situations as we are not bound to pick up the phone and ask for permission to cross jurisdictions. If we are licensed in that area which chances are we probably have at least one license holder we just simply respond. While we are not law enforcement; because we are a licensed agency we still have to gather any and all evidence in a legal and ethical manner just as law enforcement does to ensure it is admissible in court and we still have to testify just as law enforcement would.
3- You mentioned that your best moments are to tell families good news, how often does it happen? How often does a private investigator solve a case?
The best part of working for APP is giving families positive news. Unfortunately, it does not happen often here at APP. Most of the cases we get are very cold so the chances of closing them at all are not good to begin with but when they do close it’s usually not with a positive result such as a live body. It’s hard for me to give you a direct answer on how often it happens at APP as we have only been in existence a short time. In regards to how often a private investigators solves cases there is really no concrete answer for that one either. Private investigators just like law enforcement investigators work cases as hard as they can and follow the evidence wherever it goes. However, unfortunately there are some cases that cannot be closed.

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