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A Letter From Jessica Garino’s Mother and Anti-Predator Project Social Media Policy

In response to some recent comments made on social media regarding the case of Jessica Garino Anti-Predator Project has with permission made public an email from Jessica’s mother along with a statement to follow.

Dear APP staff,
It was brought to my attention that someone has made some very disparaging comments to you all about what you do with funding. Stating that all you do is steal from people and that you don’t help the families at all. I want to say that no one from this organization has ever asked us for a dime! I don’t know how much you’ve helped other families but I can say that I feel you all have helped with our daughters case. You didn’t even have to take her case because she is not part of the trafficking ring, but you did as a special favor. And we are truly thankful for all that you do. You have given us information that other authorities failed to share and the recent T-Shirt fundraiser was a success! People in many states are now wearing T-Shirts with our daughters face and name on them! Her face is out there because all of you cared enough to help! We appreciate all that you do! And we hope you can find it in your hearts to continue to help us find our daughter.

Lisa and Scott Harwood

Anti-Predator Project (APP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking in the United States. To accomplish this mission, we utilize professional investigators, cutting-edge technology, and steadfast perseverance. We do not disclose information about active investigations however; it is our desire to remain engaged and be as transparent as possible with our followers and supporters. Therefore, please follow us on Twitter ( ) and Facebook ( for updates on APP. Following APP on social media is also a good way to stay up to speed on current issues and stories relating to our mission. If you would like to request APP’s assistance, send a message of encouragement, or ask us a question, we invite you to visit our website at (

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Please know that Anti-Predator Project will not allow disparaging remarks against APP, our staff, our victims, or their families on our social media. Any such comments will be taken down immediately and the poster will be blocked from all APP social media. Thank you all for your support and understanding.