Kidnapped Cousins: Domestic Human Trafficking

A description of events from Kidnapped Cousins: Domestic Human Trafficking

Written by Anti-Predator Project

One of most viewed documentary on YouTube related to human trafficking issues is Kidnapped Cousins: Domestic Human Trafficking

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Prime Time ABC made this documentary in 2015. It features two minor girls, cousins, both living in Ohio and who got kidnapped as they were walking down the street. The kidnapper is a pimp who is also referred to as ‘daddy,’ he captured the two cousins with the help of two adult prostitutes.

The documentary takes us on the disturbing journey both cousins had to face. It starts by retrieving the scene from the moment they were taken away.

That’s how it went, the cousins were walking to Wendy’s when a car pulled up behind them, the driver offered the two young girls a ride to Wendy’s but instead he took them to his house and held them captive. The two victims were abused sexually, mentally and emotionally. They were kept in two separate bedrooms so they could not communicate with each other.

On the second day, the two prostitutes working with “daddy” sit the young girls down at the dining room table and informed them that they will now be working as prostitutes and cannot leave the house for any means. Also, in the case that one of the cousins would try to escape the other one would receive serious consequences involving her family.

Later that day both captives were taken to a hotel and forced to have sexual relations with a man. The two minors went on working over 10 hours a day as prostitutes mostly out of hotels.


Two weeks went by when finally the cousins got a break and were transported in separate trucks across state lines. Truckers, allies of the pimp, were the ones responsible for transporting the two young girls and in return would get to have sexual relations with the two minors.

It is a known fact from police departments that truckers once arrived at a truck stop on highways will start looking for prostitutes. They will turn on a particular radio channel to communicate with pimps.

As the two cousins arrived at a truck stop, a trucker parked nearby asked to receive services from a prostitute. The oldest cousin was sent to the trucker. Another trucker noticed the young girl and called 911. The police arrived and found both prostitutes and the young girl at the back of the truck. After interviewing the older prostitutes the police officer let them go and took the minor victim for questioning where she revealed her true identity and age. She was now safe and rushed to the hospital.


The youngest cousin was still hold captive by the pimp who took off as he saw the police arrive on scene and brought the young girl back to his house in Ohio.

The following day, the father of the young girl found the pimp’s house and broke in; the pimp heard him and threw his daughter out of the second floor window. A fight started between the two prostitutes, the pimp and the father of the victim. Finally, the ambulance arrived along with the police and took the pimp and prostitutes into custody. Both cousins were now safe and with their families.

The pimp and prostitutes were bailed out and free again but both victims decided to testify. The pimp pledged guilty and is now serving an 8 years sentence and the two prostitutes are serving 5 years.


There is an average from 1000 to over 100,000 minor victims of human trafficking in the U.S every year. Be aware and protect your children.


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