10 organizations fighting human trafficking

A list of some of the best organizations that are fighting human trafficking.

10 Organizations Combatting Human Trafficking

In series on human trafficking for the National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Natanalie Jesionska, listed 7 organizations combatting human trafficking in the muse .

Although, the list is very complete and accurate we would like to give you the 10 best organizations fighting human trafficking. This article is based on Jesionska’s list and on our knowledge of the issue as the first non-profit private investigation agency in the U.S fighting human trafficking.


Missing kidnapped, abused, hostage, victim woman with hands tied up with rope in emotional stress and pain, afraid, restricted, trapped, call for help, struggle, terrified, locked in a cage cell.

Trafficking Policy and Advocacy: Polaris Project

One of the most influential groups working on the issue in the United States, the Polaris Project takes a comprehensive approach to ending modern-day slavery. The organization advocates for stronger federal and state laws, operates the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline .

Human Trafficking: A21

A21(abolishing injustice in the 21st century) works to end human trafficking with 4 main strategies prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership. A21 works all around the world and has also been very present in the refugees crisis. They established the ‘walk for freedom’ which are walks against human trafficking and rescues human trafficking victims worldwide.

Second-Generation Trafficking: Prajwala

In India, children who grow up in brothels with their parents often meet the same fate. In order to counteract this dangerous legacy, social activist Dr. Sunitha Krishnan co-founded Prajwala (which means “eternal flame”). Based in Hyderbad, India, the organization rescues women from brothels and then provides them with education, mental health care, and job programs. (Check out Dr. Krishnan’s powerful talk at the 2009 TedIndia Conference.)


It is a global movement of activists from all sectors of society who passionately give their time and energy, uniting to build resilient communities. We look to disrupt and prevent human trafficking,  its harm and abuse to human beings. We campaign for a traffik-free world!

Statelessness and Child Trafficking: COSA

COSA works directly within trafficking communities to provide trafficked girls with healthcare, social services, and housing in the Baan Yuu Suk Shelter—as well as to bring awareness and education to the traffickers themselves.

Trafficking of Men and Young Boys: Urban Light

A number of organizations help girls in the sex industry, but very few work to aid young men. After a service trip during which she observed the industry in Thailand firsthand, Alezandra Russel realized that boys are often excluded from the human trafficking conversation.



Modern Day Slavery : Not For Sale

Not For Sale protects communities and people around the world from modern-day-slavery and human trafficking. They provide safety and stability, empower with life skills and job training and creates future with dignified work.

International Sporting Events: Student World Assembly’s Red Card Project

When a large sporting event, such as the World Cup, takes place, fears often arise that trafficking will increase to meet demand from the influx of tourists. Student World Assembly’s Red Card Project mobilizes students from around the world to stage powerful and striking condemnations of human trafficking at these events, bringing large-scale and needed public awareness to the practice.

Child Labor: GoodWeave

Through its efforts, the organization has not only helped bring child labor in the rug industry down 75%, it has built affiliations with retail outlets all over the U.S. to ensure that all carpets sold are free from child labor.

The Issue of Choice: The Empower Foundation

The Empower Foundation grew from a movement of sex workers and entertainers who fight for fair and sustainable standards and equal rights in the professions they have chosen. The group runs the Can Do Bar, which offers just, safe, and fair conditions for its workers.

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Source: https://www.themuse.com/advice/the-fight-for-freedom-7-organizations-combatting-human-trafficking