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Join Anti-Predator Project for #GiveMiamiDay

Anti-Predator Project is participating at #GiveMiamiDay on November 17th.



At Anti-Predator Project we understand that you have many great charities to choose from on Give Miami Day and we recognize that everyone needs to give to a cause they are passionate about. However, if you are still looking for a charity to support or are passionate about human trafficking, please consider Anti-Predator Project.


How we work at Anti-Predator Project?

Anti-Predator Project is the first and to date the only legally licensed non-profit private investigative agency in the United States. We specialize in criminal investigations into individuals and organizations that are involved in human trafficking, the location and recovery of American children that have been bought and sold on the black market, missing children, cyber predators, and all other human trafficking related crimes.


Why did we launch Anti-Predator Project?

One of the questions we often get from perspective donors is, “Why do you need to exist, I thought this was law enforcements job?” That is a fair question and the answer while multifaceted is very simple. Human trafficking in nearly a hundred billion dollar a year business and the amount of people that are trafficked and children that go missing is simply too much for law enforcement to handle alone. The second part to that answer is that being a private organization gives us some operating freedoms that government agencies do not have. Anti-Predator Project has built a wonderful working relationship with law enforcement agencies around the nation and have learned over the years that working together with them is the best way we can combat the human trafficking epidemic in the United States.



We need your help

The simple answer to this is what we do is very expensive and we give it away to our families and victims for free. The average cost of a private investigator is approximately $80 an hour. Often times because of the complexity of the cases we take and the state the cases are in when we get them, most of our cases eat up as many as 2,000 – 3,000 man hours of alone. If our clients were paying, it would cost as much as $240,000 in man hours. This does not include other overhead expenses like surveillance equipment, rental cars, traveling expenses, expert consultants, etc. We have been very blessed to have a team that donates their time and resources because they believe in the mission of Anti-Predator Project. To date, Anti-Predator Project has donated over 4,000 man hours of labor and over $150,000 worth of resources bringing the grand total of donated time and resources to over $470,000. Unfortunately, our calls for assistance have increased and we need your help to keep providing these vital services to our families.


Thank you.

We know that you all work hard for your money and we appreciate any donation. Please know that your donation goes directly back into helping our victims and their families. No one at Anti-Predator Project takes a salary and we never charge our clients for our services.

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