Crowdrise on #GivingTuesday

What is the virtual tower for #GivingTuesday ?

A virtual tower with Crowdrise #GivingTuesday

What is CrowdRise Doing For #GivingTuesday ?


CrowdRise this year for #GivingTuesday is building a virtual Giving Tower ! Anyone can donate to a charity supported by CrowdRise and have a brick added to the tower !

Then you can download the app and see the Giving Tower grow in real-time. How amazing ! What a fun idea to initiate donations for #GivingTuesday.


What happens then with the #GivingTuesday Virtual Tower ?

Once immersed in the Giving Tower VR, you’ll see the tower alongside other iconic buildings and will also be able to check out incredible virtual reality videos from RYOT that put you inside some pretty astonishing experiences.

Download the app and add a brick to the tower

The tower is already 2,442 ft tall and Crowdrise has already raised over $1.5 million in donations by 12,000 donors today!!



What are you doing for #GivingTuesday ?

Anti-Predator Project is part of Crowdrise ! Help us raise awareness against human trafficking and solve our missing persons cases. Plus, you will get to add a brick to the virtual tower !

Click here to see Anti-Predator Project on Crowdrise

All donations on #GivingTuesday for Anti-Predator Project can be made safely on Crowdrise.


You can also enter to win contests with Crowdrise

On #GivingTuesday, enter to win an epic 5-nights vacation stay in Belize. Every donation of $25 to any Giving Tower charity is an entry to win. So, a $100 donation = 4 entries.

Also, win a $2500 shopping spree from Century 21 ! Every donation of $25 to any Giving Tower charity is an entry to win.

Enter to win the contests


Thank you donating back to your community on #GivingTuesday !

Don’t forget to check out APP page on Crowdrise